Saturday, February 23, 2008

painter rocks!

When I last took Painter, I was too wrapped up in all my other projects to really get much out of it... now I am really getting to concentrate on recreating traditional media with digital media. I have to admit I didn't really give much value to it when I was in school, but now I see Painter techniques everywhere; in illustration, in animation, in advertisements... so I guess there really is a value to it (I'm buying it, that's all there is to it!)

I also learned how to use a tablet today. I owned one for years, but it was before all my school's labs had them, so I just taught myself how to do everything with the mouse. Today I am had to teach my left hand to do all the things that my right hand has been doing all these years (and my left arm muscles actually hurt! What a work out:) I sold my tablet and used the money for new suitcases to move back to Juneau with... so another piece of equipment I need to replace. I need to start a running list and check them off as I get them.

I really like the way this picture turned out... (the pencil sketch is the original). I still want to go in and tighten it up, but I really feel like I got a good feel for how to make the brushes and blenders work for me.

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Teri said...

This picture is the colors! Can't wait to see your animation movie.