Saturday, March 1, 2008

painter movie

If this loads properly... this is a really cool conversion from imovie, where we recorded ourselves with the built in camera (! how cool:) then import the movie into Painter where it automatically converts the movie into frames. It is a little bit hard to control, I'm sure there is a way to beat it into submission. Much easier then Flash, but of course not as powerful (it is being taught as a "little known" feature in Painter). You can also record yourself (the brush strokes, shapes, etc, not yourself... although I guess you could record yourself in imovie, but how boring would that be?) as you draw or paint a picture. John suggested sending the movie with it ending up in a card to send to someone.

I know Flash (not good at action scripting, though) but I don't really think like an animator, and when I do I loose interest really fast. Thus the effects in my Painter movie. I do really like the grain which I acheived with Express Texture. I didn't figure out how to grab a new layer and rotate it, and not make a new layer on every frame (that was frustrating and why my blue hand just sits there).

It wouldn't load... I will try from home:) julie

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