Tuesday, April 22, 2008

an ATC show coming up... might be fun to enter!

Just in case any of my fellow Art & Tech class mates are still trolling around these old blogs... The Ankeny Art Center in Iowa is asking for submissions of Artist Trading Cards. Might be fun to enter a few- they keep them, so don't expect them back if you decide to enter. I found this at theartlist.com, which looks like a great resource for artist opportunities!

By the way... Happy Earth Day! Although, I really do believe that every day is Earth Day (I'm a dork, I know!)


Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting this on your blog! How cool is that? We are anticipating creating a marvelous exhibit of ATCs. We are a small community arts organization in Iowa and our goal is to show how art has the power to connect artists to one another--from Iowa to Alaska! Small Canvas, Big Art can mean the smallness of the ATC and the bigness of art's reach.

Keep a watch on our website, we plan to post pictures of the exhibit.

Mary Rork-Watson
Director, Ankeny Art Center

Julie Bates said...

Hi Mary,
very cool! the power of the blog:) I just finished a class where the final project was to make and trade ATC's... hopefully some of my fellow-students will peruse the class blogs and see this! I will try to get some entries in myself.

Thanks for commenting, and good luck with the show!