Saturday, February 16, 2008

blue heron on orange background

Just playing again today... I like how you can make drawings look like silkscreens! I don't know why I don't/haven't played with my drawings in PhotoShop more... I guess I have always kept the two aspects separate... why, I don't know:) I scan my art, but only to post; I don't usually change it much.

I think too, design under fire (which describes my schooling and my career) you do the easiest and/or quickest thing to meet deadlines. I guess I also got "stuck" on doing my digital illustrations and they come out so clean already, that trying to clean up sketches seemed like too much work. I think, though that sometime a sketchy look is preferable, I just haven't done any projects that it would work for... these are all reasons why I am taking this class; to find that niche for my fine art in the digital world. I don't know if that means doing layout and comps on the computer and then interpreting them into traditional media, or if I would rather do things the other way around. Why can't I do both? Might as well! Stay tuned... julie

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